Our History

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A family business to the core

The history of Norstar Steel Recyclers dates back to 1947 when Ray Sailah and Ted Wilson founded Preston Metals in a small outer suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Five years later, Ray officially started "Norstar Junk Company". Paul Sailah joined the company in 1970. From these humble beginnings the Sailah’s, recognising the global need now for environmental solutions to the ever growing generation of waste, focused and expanded their operations to become what is today the pre-eminent privately owned steel recycling company in Australia and the world. In 1980 the Norstar Junk Company was renamed and elevated to Norstar Steel Recyclers

Over the decades, Norstar consistently expanded its operations by re-investing their earnings into state-of-the-art and large scale of economy waste processing equipment. The need to process more, faster and more efficiently was not lost to the focused eyes of the Sailah family. Today, the business is still owned and operated by the Sailah family with boots and all, and continues to evolve and specialise in the space of scrap metal recycling from industrial, commercial and domestic customers and supplying the local and international markets with recycled waste raw materials.

Our History Timeline

Nortrade International

Recognising the growing importance of global trade, Norstar established its subsidiary international marketing and trading company Nortrade International in 1997.  This foray into international trade provided Norstar with the ability to globalise its foot print and to ensure that the whole group remained at the cutting edge of the recycling space.

Nortrade is based in Australia, and has regional and representative offices in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy, Spain, China, Malaysia, and throughout the ASEAN and SAARC nations. Today, Nortrade International handles ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, including other industrial wastes and residues such as Mill scale, semi-finished and finished steel products both prime and secondary and operates closely with Norstar Steel Recyclers in providing solution based strategies throughout out the Steel and Foundry supply chain by managing large scale container and bulk deliveries to all corners of the globe.

With four main sites in Australia, as well as regional and representative offices across the globe we have recycled and delivered for industry consumption over 2,000,000 car bodies, thousands of kilometres of railway line, as well as countless trains, trams, buses, trucks and cranes and consumer appliances.