Mill Scale China

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Pioneers in the global trade of mill scale

Nortrade was one of the first companies in the world to supply Mill scale to China steel makers. Mill scale is an unavoidable by-product of the steel making and rolling process. Its inherent recyclable value lies in its high Fe content, an essential ingredient for steelmaking.

Making History

Our first foray into the China Mill scale story dates back to 2002, when Harry Tsindos, Managing Director of Nortrade International, recognised that that the inherent Fe contained in mill scale was of sufficient purity to facilitate and enhance the Iron ore sintering process for the production of steel.  At that time Mill scale was an unavoidable and costly by-product of steelmaking due to the fact that it had to be disposed of in landfill at considerable cost to the steelmakers. It was a negative cash flow item and an environmental problem. 

Acting upon this Harry Tsindos was able to make an agreement with a large China Steelmaker for a trial shipment of 2000T in marine containers. This was a “first” and never before had this end-user contemplated or thought possible to receive Mill scale — especially in containers. Following this trial shipment, the inherent value of the Mill scale became evident to end-users especially as regular Iron ore prices began their relentless ascent. Mill scale evolved from a costly waste by-product to a valuable resource and Nortrade introduced this new found resource to BOF steelmakers throughout the world. Within a relatively short time Nortrade became the pre-eminent experts and solution providers for Mill scale generators and users in the world.

AQSIQ accredited

In 2005, as part of their strict and responsible environmental regulatory framework for waste entering into China, the Chinese Government regulated the supply of mill scale via AQSIQ by requesting an exclusive accreditation and designation for Mill scale within their AQSIQ framework. Nortrade became one of, if not, the first company in the world to be granted this license authorising us as approved exporters of Mill scale into China.

We of course still hold this accreditation not only for Mill scale but for all types of Metal and Steel scrap and we do so proudly and with responsibility knowing that we are acting in the best interest of the environment and long term participants in this field.

The Mill Scale experts

Mill Scale is now an established commodity with many end-uses and is traded throughout the world. Nevertheless our long time standing and expertise in this space is still highly sought after by Mill scale generators and end-users alike and we are very proud of our pioneering in this space and continue to be forerunners in this sector by offering steelmakers a seamless and commercial solution for their mill scale arising.

Nortrade International is uniquely placed without peer to further develop this growing area and we invite all interested stakeholders in the Mill Scale space to contact us and give us the opportunity to present you how we can safely and surely ensure you receive maximum benefit from your Mill scale in a safe and responsible manner.