What We Do

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Provide tailor-made solutions for commercial and industrial customers

Recycling and Reusing Steel and Non Ferrous

Being part of Australia’s largest privately owned Scrap Recycling and processing business, we are surrounded by some of the most advanced processing equipment in the world.

With our extensive network of partners, we are able to close the link between buyers and sellers. Our knowledge and experience enables us to find the best markets for the materials we handle and manage transactions in the most efficient way. That way, our clients are free to concentrate on their core businesses.

We are committed to preserving the environment by promoting the optimal use of resources through recycling and reusing industrial waste.


Trade and Supply of raw materials to steel makers

We have extensive knowledge and experience in supplying raw materials to the steel industry, and a detailed understanding of what our partners need. From steel scrap to iron ore substitutes we specialise in this area. This winning and valuable combination enables us to provide consistent, precise and reliable service to all our customers. We trade and supply Shredded Steel scrap, Heavy melting Steel scrap, Steel Turnings, Mill scale and Foundry Grade Steel scrap.

Shredded steel scrap, heavy melting steel scrap, steel turnings, mill scale and foundry grade steel scrap


Trade and Supply of raw materials to foundries

Zorba Copper Aluminium Brass

The foundry industry plays an integral and important function in Metal Scrap Recycling. Mostly focusing on the Non-Ferrous sector we trade and supply large volumes of non-ferrous scrap into the Asian markets out of Australia, Europe, Africa and the Middle east. We welcome your enquiries to supply us or to buy from us all types of Non-ferrous scrap such as Zorba, Copper, Aluminium, Brass etc.


Trade and Supply of Finished Product to Industrial end-users. 

With 4,000 Years of evolution behind us Nortrade recognises the important function and role of International trade experts in the globalisation of our market place. Our direct positioning with large scale industrial users of our raw material Nortrade International is uniquely placed to expand upon this synergy and on-trade the finished product which is manufactured from our supply. Recognising this natural fit Nortrade actively trades and supplies all types of Prime, Secondary, Semi-finished and finished steel product. In containers or bulk we actively source and supply Steel Slabs, Steel Billets, Flat Rolled Steels, Rod and Bar Products in both the Prime and Secondary markets.

Steel slabs, steel billets, flat rolled steels, rod and bar products in both the prime and secondary markets


Industrial solutions and waste management

We add value by providing corporate and industrial clients with tailor-made strategies for handling waste products and managing the recycling of materials.

Our thorough knowledge of the market place and our established connections within the industry means we connect all our customers with the best solutions and markets by providing solutions for dealing with steel mill waste, or find the right niche for particular types of scrap metal.